Mashik Elevators - since 1981

Mashik Elevators LTD has been excites and operates since 1981. Over the years it has been a serious and quality supplier to thousands of satisfied customers. We are specializing in importing and installing all types of elevators, renovating and upgrading existing elevators, as well as providing service and maintenance for a variety of existing elevators on the market. Mashik is the sole representative of the Italian company MSM, which produces a variety of types of elevators of uncompromising quality.

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Elevator installation

With us, you will hardly hear the word “impossible” – we are specified in installation of elevators that have an unusually challenging design and execution! In cases of very small shafts and a requirement for non-standard dimensions, the need for special elevators in function or appearance, round, transparent, uniquely designed and in any other way you want!

Lift Service and maintenance

Mashik provides annual service and maintenance for all types of elevators. We have a service center that operates around the clock in order to give the customer a sense of confidence and respond to his needs quickly, courteously and efficiently.

Renovation and upgrade of existing elevators

we upgrade and modernize existing elevators by replacing basic parts and mechanical assemblies of the elevator

Decorative cosmetic renovation for existing elevators

we perform decorative renovations for the elevator that include upgrading the contents of the elevator cabin , replacing the wall coverings (for all types of materials available on the market and tailored to the customer’s personal taste)

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